Lenay’s Baby Bump: Maternity Portraits

Lenay wavered on whether or not she wanted to do maternity portraits because — in her words — she felt huge. Finally she got up the nerve, less than two weeks before her due date! She was a bit concerned about how to pose, and relieved to know I’d help with that. I told her if she didn’t do these portraits, she’d probably regret it because she couldn’t go back and do it after the baby arrives; after she viewed her proofs, she sent me this message:

I am actually laughing out loud at how humongous my belly is! hahaha. I think these photos came out so sweet and I am so happy we did the shoot. Thank you, thank you!

Lenay was inspired with an idea to do the shoot at the theater she manages, since she is there so often and thinks of it as her second home. Honestly, I squealed when she told me that! A session of any sort in a 1940?s art deco style small-town theater? YES, PLEASE!!! That is SO right up my vintage-loving alley!

“Coming Soon” to a theater near you (hee hee!):
maternity baby coming soon theater sign
glamorous maternity portrait
Lenay, you’re beautiful!!!
glamorous maternity portrait
This theater was built in 1927, but burned down in 1948. It was then rebuilt and reopened later that same year. In recent years, it has been restored to it’s former 1940?s glory, with oodles of delightful details. I kept pointing and squealing at various things throughout the session. Thankfully, Lenay just laughed at me. Because apparently I’m funniest when I don’t actually mean to be. ;)

maternity portrait art deco historic theater

Those chevron-patterned art deco stage curtains in the background begged me to let them be black and white in at least one photo. So I let them.
maternity photo black & white historic theater

Daddy-to-be John joined us for part of the session. Which, as I’ve said a million times, I love because it is such a wonderful time to celebrate not only the beautiful mama, her body that is busy doing amazing things, and the baby on the way, but also the couple’s relationship!
kissing couple maternity portrait historic theater
maternity portrait couple
maternity portrait couple stage silhouette
Can’t wait to meet your little man in just a few weeks!!!
maternity portrait silhouette theater stage