Introducing Reece: Newborn Portaits

There, I warned you. So now you can’t say you weren’t prepared for my too-cute-for-words newborn grand-niece, all decked out in her Christmas attire. Yes, I’m a great-aunt! But despite the fact that makes me sound old, my teen daughter tells me I’m stylin’. ;)

Newborn in Santa hat

Isn’t Reece a cute name? Not traditional, but I like it.

The Santa hat was super-cute, but I totally adore this little green and red striped Christmas hat — and my nifty knitted hat-maker gal! (Or is it crochet? I get confused, so clearly I’m not the one making these hats!) Thanks, Janice!!
sleepy baby in Christmas outfit

Reece has lots of fabulous dark hair, and it’s just as soft and velvety as it looks. Actually, it’s EXACTLY like my youngest daughter Kathryn’s hair when she was this age, except she had even more hair than Reece does. I think Reece looks like her mama, and very much like her big sister Wren.

And those cheeks? Seriously squeezable!
sleeping newborn Reece

sleeping newborn baby portrait

I just had to play with that hat some more because cute baby plus cute hat equals happiness. Oh, and some little baby toes in there for good measure makes it even better!
sleeping newborn baby in Christmas hat

Christmas newborn portrait session

newborn photography session

newborn photography session

I had so much fun, and I’m looking forward to watching this sweet gal grow up!