Getting ready for Truth in the Tinsel

making Advent crafts with Truth in the Tinsel

Last year was the first time since Amanda published Truth in the Tinsel that I finally had kids in the target age range. I was excited to do these Advent activities with them, and we were off to a good start but fizzled out before Christmas because of two problems: 1) in mid-December, I had a mishap with a kitchen knife and had a ridiculous bandage on my thumb … [Read more]

Week-end: links & life

art journaling

"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." -Thoreau Once again, I've dumped facebook. Basically, I'm just trying to streamline life wherever I can, and FB and I have been on rocky terms for a long time. But I'd been … [continue reading]

The dog ate my blog

dog ate my blog

Thankfully, the dog hasn't literally eaten my blog because I suppose that means she would've eaten my macbook. And while rugs, a wall, a couple of towels, a pack of kitchen sponges, and a windowsill have fallen victim to the BatDog, all … [continue reading]

It’s Shoebox time again!

operation christmas child shoebox gift

National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child is November 17-24, so we're working on putting our boxes together! We collect items all throughout the year; back-to-school sales are a great time to stock up, and end-of-season … [continue reading]

Homeschool, life, and curriculum update

high school homeschool

We're a few months into our homeschool year, which means we're far enough in to see what's working and what isn't. Although I don't do any formal sort of mid-year review, I do try to stay tuned in to my kids so I can tweak our plans and … [continue reading]

My new hobby: Art Journaling

art journal pages

“Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.” ~ Beatrix Potter Over the years, my inborn creativity has been rubbed off and worn down from what it was when I was a child. Maybe I can't blame … [continue reading]

Meet the new [fur] kid!

Piper the bat ear dog

First of all, in case you missed the discussion on Instagram, WonderDog has a new name. In a crazy-weird coincidence, one of our adopted kids' real name was way too close to our dog's name. What are the odds of that!?!  Anyway, for the past … [continue reading]

Bicycle fun for everyone!

family bicycle ride

I miss my bicycle. Mind you, I still have it and nothing at all is wrong with it. But around our neighborhood there's no way to go that doesn't include hills. Lots of them. So my bike and I don't spend as much time together as we'd like -- … [continue reading]