An excuse to share pictures of my kids

silly students

I try to take pictures every year around the start of the homeschool year so I can look back and see how little - or big - the kids look from one year til the next. Since this week's NOT back-to-school theme is "student photos," it's as a good a time as any to share a few photos of my adorable kids. ;) Homeschool student photos: On our first … [Read more]

Back to Homeschool: first week

silly kids

We started {not} back to school this week, and overall it was wonderful. We celebrated our first homeschool day with chocolate milk and molasses cookies. And of course, a few photos which quickly turned into giggles and … [continue reading]

Welcome to our homeschool room(s)

Homeschool Room

Y'all should know by now I never leave well enough alone when it comes to our homeschool spaces or furnishings in general in our house. I think my furniture rearranging is a genetic condition inherited from my mom, so … [continue reading]

Changing the kids’ blog names


Typically, when a child is in foster care, photos and real names aren't allowed to be shared online. Even non-bloggers use nicknames and hide kids' faces when sharing on facebook, etc. But once an adoption is finalized, … [continue reading]

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Plans

elementary ocean study

We have two little learners in our home this year: five year old Jim (formerly referred to as "Jem") and seven year old Abby (formerly referred to as "Scout"). That puts both of them in the Core Phase of learning. Read … [continue reading]

Homeschool High School Curriculum {Ocean Study}

ocean focused homeschool year

Last week I talked about how we do homeschool planning in this relaxed but Leadership Education-influenced homeschool. Now I'm sharing specifics about what we'll be studying and the resources we plan to … [continue reading]

Homeschool planning for relaxed leadership education

coffee date on instagram

There is a baggie full of vermiculite in my refrigerator right now. I didn't even know what vermiculite was until Kathryn asked to go buy it. She's had such success with growing maple trees from seeds that she wanted to … [continue reading]