Week-end: links & life {vol. 15}

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.” -Robert Wagner

piper daisy

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Dog Training Miracle Tool

In October, I brought home a cute little mutt who promptly made me rethink the decision. We joked that she had some kind of split-personality disorder because she could be sweet as pie, but often turned into a jumping, pouncing, play-biting SPAZ-MONSTER. Although there was no aggression involved, Ken and I got mighty tired of being bruised and bitten and having holes ripped in our clothes.

We confined her to the kitchen (when we were home) in hopes of minimizing the trouble she could get into. It did keep the destruction to one room, but I’m sure being bored contributed to the destruction; the problem was that when we did let her venture beyond the kitchen, she went into hyper-Piper mode, running and sliding on our wood floors, jumping on and over the coffee table, crashing into walls…

A partial list of items eaten/destroyed by Piper:
{Go ahead and laugh! We have — after the fact!}

  • every tie on kitchen chair cushions
  • at least one actual chair cushion
  • the caning on one chair, plus rungs on several others
  • part of a windowsill
  • at least 4 kitchen rugs
  • the kitchen sink curtain (in lieu of a cabinet door there)
  • a pack of kitchen sponges
  • beadboard on one kitchen wall
  • assorted socks (stolen from the laundry)
  • one dog bed (while in her crate)
  • the foam inside another dog bed (after unzipping the bed!)

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Random things in my brain right now

Ken says my mind is a scary place because it never stops. Ever. Which sometimes makes sleeping a challenge. It’d be great to have a switch to flip off, but it is what it is!

random things

So let’s just jump into a little of the randomness that is my brain. In no particular order, these are a handful of topics my mind is jumping ’round and ’round with lately:

1- I’ll need a grandma name.

Since all our future grandkids will end up calling us whatever the first grandchild calls us, I need to think this through! I don’t want a cutesy name, but I also don’t want one that brings to mind a white-haired little old lady – but will still work when I am a white-haired little old lady.

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