Getting ready for the Baby!

It’s fun getting ready for a new baby — or in my case, a grandbaby. Dreaming, hoping, and preparing to meet the baby and see what that little face looks like, whose eyes or nose he has. Looking forward to that sweet new-baby smell, and imagining what his personality will be like as he gets bigger. And as the grandmother, I don’t have morning sickness or swollen anything!
During one of our lunch chats, Diane mentioned that she was already starting to buy a pack of diapers every time she went grocery shopping so it wouldn’t be such a big expense once the baby comes. So we took advantage of the new annual membership that BJ’s Wholesale Club sent my way, to help her stock up on a few things. BJ’s is so convenient, and they have some of the very best deals on top brands.

stocking up for the baby

Diapers and strollers and outfits, oh my!

We stocked up on diapers and wipes. Before we know it, we’ll be wrapping baby’s itty bitty bum in these Pampers Swaddlers. We opted for just one box of newborn size, because Brandon was a big baby (10 pounds!) so they’re likely to have a somewhat big baby, too. But we bought a gigantic box of Pampers Sensitive wipes!
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Week-end: links & life {vol. 19}

“A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.”
– James A. Garfield


I don’t put much stock in the idea of luck. Most of what we call luck can also be looked at as blessings — and I believe what we do (or don’t) accomplish is based upon hard work rather than “luck.” All that being said, I have a thing for finding four-leaf clovers; my mom and my grandmother had the same knack for them as I do. This one is my first of the year.

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10 Years: our anniversary

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary.

Ten years might not sound like a lot, really. And it isn’t when compared to many of our friends’ marriages, even friends our own age. But Ken and I realize the statistics are not in favor of our marriage working: we both come from divorced parents, we’re a blended family, and it’s not the first marriage for either of us.

In the beginning of our journey together, it was all very scary. We know how easy it is to fall, to live on the other side of a failed marriage. What if we failed again?

A decade ago, we made the decision not to allow the odds to determine our future.

As the years go by, as we face challenges and joys and setbacks and milestones together, it gets less scary because we get stronger together.

jamie and ken, on vacation

This guy? He’s a keeper. Thankfully, he thinks I am, too.
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